Perks of Being a Harmonizer

5/4/14 Meeting fans at the airport +/+

I’m leaving this tumblr in a week. I just figured because I’m never here anyways I might as well just delete. 


check list when tweeting fifth harmony:

  1. read your tweet. if the tweet isn’t something you would say to their face when you meet them then don’t send it.
  2. repeat step 1 three more times
  3. now you may send your tweet

seems like it was a bad time for me to come back


fuck everyone that makes their “idols” feel bad. They’re obviously not real fans.

I’ve been so inactive its terrible. I’ve mostly just been on my personal. Ill be around still just back and forth. Need to remember about this one more though.




April 16th: Lauren and Camila at The 1975’s concert in Los Angeles